Mission and Vision


The mission of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Institute of Health Carlos III), or ISCIII, is to contribute to improving the health of all citizens and to fight diseases through the promotion of research and innovation in Health Sciences and Biomedicine and through the provision of groundbreaking scientific and technical services and educational programmes directed towards the National Health System.

In light of its mission, the objectives of the ISCIII are:

  • - Promote research aimed at protecting and improving health, financing highly-competitive and excellent research through the State's Health Research and Development Strategy and facilitating greater participation in international R+D+I programmes and projects.
  • - Conduct research within the National Health System (SNS) through its National Reference Centres, Research Institutes, Foundations, Networks, Consortia and Platforms for Scientific and Technical Services
  • - Manage, develop and offer groundbreaking scientific and technical services throughout the country for the prevention and control of transmissible and non-transmissible diseases, environmental health, bio-products and others that may be harmful to public health.
  • - Offer scientific and technical advisory services to support decision-making on healthcare technologies and services in the National Health System.
  • - Develop educational programmes aimed at the entire National Health System and provide health information and scientific documentation services.


The ISCIII, in close coordination with other public authorities, aims to become the leading Spanish company on the world stage with regard to Public Health and Biomedical Research.

To achieve its vision, the values that must guide the ISCIII are:

  • - Social commitment, understood as the promotion of equity, sustainability, quality and efficiency in the field of research and healthcare.
  • - Scientific integrity that guarantees the fulfilment of all ethical factors implicated in research, confidentiality, monitoring of conflicts of interest, veracity of results and respect for authorship and copyright.
  • - Public responsibility, comprised of honesty and a willingness to serve, and reified through transparent management, the opening of channels for citizen participation, gender equality, continuing education and the promotion of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • - Teamwork, forming and participating proactively in multidisciplinary, multicentre, domestic and international teams that contribute to the development and evolution of the ISCIII and its environment over the coming years.