Escuela Nacional de Sanidad (National School of Public Health)


The Escuela Nacional de Sanidad (ENS), founded by Royal Decree on 9 December 1924, is the oldest institution in Spain devoted to the training of Public Health professionals. It contributes to the development and improvement of the National Health System through the development of training and research programmes in the area of Public Health.

The mission of the ENS is organised in three different areas of activity: Training, Research and Technical and scientific consultancy In addition, the ENS is used as an important discussion forum in which public health professionals can exchange information about and discuss trends in areas of public health.


The main activity of the ENS is the teaching of postgraduate courses and its training programmes are based on the research activities of the School's staff and of other centres in the Instituto de Salud Carlos IIII, thus facilitating the immediate transfer of new advances and progress in the field to the activities and practice of the Public Health System. Teaching is organised around a wide variety of specialised training courses (Master's degrees and Diplomas) and ongoing learning, combined to provide full basic or advanced training, enabling students to meet the current demands of professional practice in the areas of Public Health and Health Administration.

Some courses are organised jointly with the University and with various Autonomous Communities.

Additionally a distance learning programme is offered jointly with the UNED.

Los programas docentes de cada año, son ampliamente difundidos y estás disponibles en esta página web.