Cursos UNED

The Escuela Nacional de Sanidad, jointly with the National Distance Education University, offers the following distance learning courses:

Professional qualification in Community Nutrition and Public Health 2018-19

Professional qualification in Community Health Promotion 2018-19

Professional qualification in Nutritional Health and Functional Foodstuffs 2018-19

Master's Degree in Health Administration

"Modular programme (University Expert and Master's Degree) in Medical Direction and Clinical Management "

Experto Universitario en Epidemiología y Nuevas Tecnologías Aplicadas (Degree in Epidemiology and Applied New Technologies)

These courses are part of the agreement between the Instituto de Salud Carlos III and the National Distance Education University and are part of the training programme in Health Sciences that the University offers in its non-regulated teaching programme.

Students completing these courses will receive the qualification of Master's Degree or 'Experto Universitario' and the qualifications awarded by the National Distance Education University (UNED).

You can obtain up-to-date information on the courses via the links preceding their programmes or from the following websites:

Other remote courses: