Line request

Any researcher, national or international, can have access to the cell lines. Each request is evaluated by BNLC Technical Commission.

The access to the hiPSC or hESC cell lines will be given according to the following minimal requirements:

1. The project for which the lines are requested has the approval of the Comisión de Garantías para la Donación y Uso de Células y Tejidos Humanos. (Law 14/2007, on biomedical research).

  1. 2. Request form has detailed information about the project to be developed..

  2. 3. The Application Form to access a human stem cell line(s), a copy of the report of the project and the approval report from the IRB are also provided to the following address:

  3. 4. The original signed documents have been sent by post, with the corresponding Research Ethics Committee (Institutional Review Board) report

  4. 5. A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) document before the cell line is provided and needs to be completed .


  1. Request Form for pluripotent stem cell (hESC or hiPSC).
  1. Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)
  2. Informed consent requirements for research involving Induced Pluripotent cells generation (iPSC)